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Dr. Peter Raabe

Philosopher, Philosophical Counselor

Peter Raabe is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading experts on the use of philosophy in the prevention and treatment of so-called 'mental illnesses'.


Peter's New Books

Philosophy's Role in Counseling and Psychotherapy
Now available in paperback.


Women in Philosophical Counseling
Edited by Luisa de Paula and Peter Raabe.


Did you know that the most important individuals in the history of psychotherapy and counselling were significantly influenced by their educations in philosophy? Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, Viktor Frankl, R.D. Laing, Rollo May, Carl Rogers, Irvine Yalom, and many others used their knowledge of philosophy as the foundation for their treatment theories and clinical methods.


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Video presentations by Peter Raabe:
"Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain?"
Running time about 40 minutes.
Click on the link above and press "Play."

Drawing on existing psychiatry literature, empirical evidence, and a case study, Dr. Raabe’s lecture considers mental illness through a philosophical lens. It defines the ontology of mental illness or mental disorder in non-biomedical terms, as consisting of problematic propositional mental content rather than organic brain malfunction. This allows for a causal theory of mental disorder to be located within the parameters of existential difficulties rather than biological pathology, and contradicts the arguments made in defense of the necessity of psychotropic medications for the alleviation of mental distress. This in turn indicates support for the argument that mental disorders can be treated, if not cured, by means of philosophy.

"Depression Doesn't Cause You to Feel Bad: The Confusion of Cause and Effect in Mental Disorders"

Mini-lecture, running time about 2 minutes.



Truth About Antidepressants

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Dr. Peter B. Raabe


"Empty is the argument of the philosopher
which does not relieve any human suffering."
Epicurus (341B.C.-271B.C.)

"You can't solve your problems by using the same thinking
that got you into those problems in the first place."
Albert Einstein



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